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In "Recovery," Callen indicates that Deeks and Kensi both have tattoos. Kensi uses the knife to open the box which has been a constant wonder and she leaves it on his desk. Throughout he has to show that the team should help as they think it should fall to LAPD. Can anyone stop The Big Bang Theory?

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Deep down Kensi knew she liked Deeks, hell she thought it was love at first sight. He soon died on the day she snuck out to see her soon-to-be favorite movie, Titanic, when she was fifteen years old on December 20, She didn't tell Kensi the truth of why they left, saying that the reason they were moving was because she'd fallen in love with another man. Despite this they do care for each other, although they get on each other's nerves at times.

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Kensi eventually became determined to solve her father's murder once and for all and soon helped close the case when they caught Peter Clairmont as Donald's killer. For almost a year and a half, Kensi lived on the streets Season 6: Her first job was working on the Portugese soap opera called Jardins Proibidos.

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Deeks and Kensi acted very awkwardly around each other after that, but before the fans could see more and decide what had really happened, Kensi was sent away on a mission and the only contact they've had since has been one short phone call. After driving around, Kensi eventually pulled over in a presumably rough area of Los Angeles and used a pipe to smash the left frontlights of her car with some gangbangers taunting her. Then meets up with Callen. In the end Kensi and Deeks are planning on talking about their thing but she's sent away to Afghanistan.

Estranged for fifteen years, Kensi found her mother while tracking down the man who killed her father. Can you spot them all? Their first real kiss was in the season 4 finale. He ends up running out the hospital and ripping his stitches in order to rescue her.

Deeks did his best to keep his feelings under wraps, but his little comments didn't go unnoticed by Kensi and she finally demanded that he just tell her how he felt.

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What impact will their coupling have on their approach to cases? Kensi was putting on her jewelry now. All of these moments come together in Episode And kensi and datings a motorcycle. You look beautiful" Deeks looked at her face, she didn't have a lot of makeup on, she didn't and dating it.

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In "Drive", Deeks' past as a laywer comes out when he receives a call from an old client asking for help. She announced on Monday that she is expecting her second child with her husband. So I sort of based this story off my best guy friend and I; how he was speechless when he saw me and we weren't even going on a date.

And I think it's going to be the catalyst for a lot of mistakes.

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The two resume their usual friendship after a bit, until Deeks takes her out on a date, without actually telling her it was a date.