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Degrassi jenna and kc hook up, sav-jenna friendship

He hesitates, but decides to accept. Sav tries to prove he is responsible in order to impress his parents.

K.C.-Jenna Relationship

Fitz is out of juvie and tries to tell to Eli and Clare that he's reformed and and kc hook up God. With her parents out of the picture, and just her brother to rely on, she seeks comfort in K. Jenna obsesses over her weight because of an upcoming photo shoot for the power squad. She rushes to the bathroom.

Later, Clare finds out that Jenna told K. Jenna must deal with her biggest fear, being a teen mother. They later talk about putting Tyson up for adoption, Jenna says that their relationship can't work if they can't raise a kid.

The next day at school, K. Anya puts on a brave face for her mother's sake. Clare finds Eli in an empty hallway but Fitz arrives. In Extraordinary Machine 1K.

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When Clare tries to apologize, she sees that Fitz has a knife and goes to get Eli. However, they find that not being overprotective of him makes the job easier. Alli's attempt at reform goes off the rails when her mom catches her holding a cigarette and mom refuses to believe that it belongs to her 'perfect' new friend Malika.

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With Drew's advice, Wesley tries to act up like a man but it fails. In Beat It 2Jenna is tired of being Dave 's "girlfriend", as she was never interested in him to begin with. They have, however, remained polite towards each other after their break-up. He confesses that it has been hard on him to move on, while it seems easy for Jenna. They think they are ready, but are annoyed by Caleb's irrational behavior. Alli runs away and while searching Sav confronts his dad about really listening to her.

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It also seems that this could help Adam get his chance with Fiona. Fiona runs away to Degrassi when life gets too stressful in New York.

K.C.-Jenna-Clare Love Triangle

Jenna kissed him after the two performed their duet at a school dance. He says "he doesn't need this", ending their relationship, leaving Jenna alone and pregnant. Clare agrees to go to the dance with Fitz if he stops bullying Eli. Jenna comes along and says that he didn't answer any of her calls last night. He looks at all the cabinets thinking he found pills when really they are for just asprin.

Anya re-evaluates her feelings about Owen after he apologizes for his actions in CPR class. Meanwhile, Fiona's new boyfriend might not be as nice as he seems. Just when Lisa leaves to get ice cream for K. Jenna does and Clare refuses.

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