Destiny matchmaking wont work Matchmaking not finding other guardians

Destiny matchmaking wont work

Posted 06 October - You had me at 'Exotic Gloves'.

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Picked up a mission to complete 5 strikes without dying to get an exotic weapon. My best was 6 at the end of a strike, the other night. Normally I have very little wait time to get matched up with 2 other guardians. Think my reflexes aren't as sharp as they use to be to do well in a twitch pvp environment. Pinster dating ignore it now though.

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Anyways, I got it in 3 games of control. I'm a level 24 Warlock and I am grinding through the strikes.

Matchmaking for nightfall strike

Posted 05 October - Have been doing mostly pvp - control is easy rep, bounties and marks. Completed Summoning Pits strike solo this morning. Sign In Need an account?

Posted 07 October - So long as you stick together and communicate you should be sweet, because chances are you'll match up against guys who aren't in a fireteam and I don't think you'll be penalised a point if you get revived. Don't be discouraged by the crucible bounty though.

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Can't wait to see what I get. How did I get here?

Expect that to change with the latest patch. You'll get the next step won't you?

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Part 3 though - complete the weekly destiny matchmaking wont work mission. All it means is that you get one point for a kill or assist and lose one for a death.

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So just play it safe if you have to. Posted 02 October - I'm on XB1 p.

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Matchmaking not finding other guardians Started by hairyfilOct 02 Several functions may not work. Hoping that they introduce matchmaking for the daily and weekly missions.

Haven't been on strikes post patch. It's a lot easier than it sounds.

I already have a legendary shotgun that I never use so I'm not sure I need an even better one. Or is there an other issue at work here? This topic Forums Members Help Files. I've forgotten my password.

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Also, if you're on PS4 and need help completing the weekly strike, flick me an invite and I'll lend a hand in a few days when I'm able to get back online.