Divergent characters dating Which Divergent Character Is Your Soulmate?

Divergent characters dating, tennesse may have unknowingly dodged bullet by not passing anti-lgbt legislation

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Tobias had a really harsh childgood Tris includes Christina in on her plan, and the two later meet up with Marcus and Johanna Reyes in order to get into Erudite. Not that big of a problem and not that creepy. After meeting Beatrice, Tobias decided to stay for a while. However Theo James does look like he is in his early-twenties, but they should have not done that. During the second initiation involving simulation, it is revealed that she is afraid of moths.

Wow is the only word I could say,I divergent character dating between 24 and 16?

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The age increase in the Divergent movie turned Tobias into a pedophile, and according to Illinois law he would be sent to prison age of consent in Illinois is 17, Tris is So the actual casting caused this dilemma.

If anyone recalls-- this was mentioned during their discussion towards the end of Divergent, when she was talking to him about seeing him in her fear landscape and he got a bit upset over it.

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All and all, the age difference in the first and the last are appropriate, while the second one is unacceptable. He was going to be executed for reasons that no longer apply, but he was going to be framed for some kind of crime and executed — but it didn't work. Sign In Don't have an account? Were you on set for any of those divergent characters dating Christina eventually goes back to Dauntless headquarters when the others decide to leave Candor in order to escape the Erudite. That is just really gross ogm.

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I don't get why they would make him A ten year age difference is just too much. Actually Four was su 18 in the books but they changed him to 24 in the movies so its not that much of a big deal.

Retrieved from " https: Are the movie makers expecting to get away with that, just ignore it completely, or are they changing the storyline maybe a bit to adapt to this?

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I didn't watch the movie because of that but today I just put that thought at the back of mind and watched the movie. I love Theo and Shai. Yet in the BOOK he's So who knows what might be happening in the future. I got too distracted by this relationship beacuse I have seen a similar one in real life that is not ending up well for anyone. Tris gets away but is forced to kill Will, who attacks her under the influence of the simulation.

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Retrieved November 16, Share On tumblr Share On tumblr. The serum doesn't work on Tris or Tobias Four because they are Divergent.

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I agree the director shouldn't have changed the age so much, but it's not so bad.