Do kyungsoo dating sojin EXO D.O caught up in dating rumors with Girl's Day's Sojin

Do kyungsoo dating sojin

I think the guy in the pic just has a similar silhouette lol. This is getting old.

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And the guy in the photo isn't even D. I gave an example deal with it or move on', 'timestamp': Remember me This is not recommended for shared computers.

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I honestly think they are dating but yeah, these clues on social media are really annoying. Newer Post Older Post Home. I could see SM do kyungsoo dating sojin sure something like that never was officially confirmed since Sojin is a different company, and it would harder to control how the information got out and how the relationship was viewed and things.

Girl's Day's Sojin's jaw dropping skin exposure Source: It was about their Music Bank in Mexico performance.

Dating rumors of EXO D.O and Girl's Day Sojin

This topic has been archived. Next Article Newer Post. FFS who doesn't do kyungsoo dating sojin that? December 21, at 3: It's a secret that Sojin asked me to write this. Everyone wrote it off as delulu but it ended up being real. When the members got associated with other female idols on Naver related search, they never got deleted, but "D.

1. D.O and Sojin “together” at a fishing trip.

Please stop spreading this false statement around! Both sides are involved I don't know why some people want to make it one-sided. If they are dating that's good for them, I fail to understand what business is that of anyone but themselves.

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They wouldn't put the new CEO's face everywhere. Seems like Girl's Day agency always gets excited when dating news like this breaks out. Well this 4 girls is all they have, they need to explode every one of them either with dating rumors, aegyo, pool's party,ass showing in "official mv" I'm getting my popcorn ready for some of exo-L who are gong to start shit as usually.

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You currently have javascript disabled. It was posted almost around the same time the articles came out http: Like is that all the 'evidence' they have. Several functions may not work.

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But once you get older, you switch to liking younger prettier girls. Actually fans need to stop being so possessive about their idols. I had a dream that i was driven before i knew i had an Accident and i found myself lying down with dead people and i woke up and i was very scared. Starfall December 21, at 3: Teo December 21, at 2: Got the group from 0 to fame through Hyeri's shocking age gap with Tony, eagerly agreed to Minah's dating scandal, and now Sojin They're some mobsters, I swear.

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Exo actually has more older fans than most groups.