Dota 2 matchmaking fail Dota2 matchmaking,broken or _______ ?

Dota 2 matchmaking fail, want to add to the discussion?

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I'm so sorry for your money. I think there is a difference in lessons to learn. Sid View Profile View Posts.

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If you want your friends to show you the ropes do it in unranked. No matter what I do, how hard I shut down the enemy safelaner or how good I play, I lose so many games because of these morons who keep getting into my team.

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Matchmaking is not at fault here by the way. The result is that if you have a win streak the matches will be fixed so you will lose, there is 2 matchmaking fail you can do since it is a team game. What should we call you? People at 9k literally wouldn't be able to play with any friends. DotA 2 is getting unplayable! When he coaches pyrion on how to play mid pyrion starts doing dumb things sometimes trying to blindly replicate things blitz did vs ranged heroes against melee heroes, etc.

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This is purely on Solo matchmaking, because in Team matchmaking, it's a team! This is my trend history for example https: Understanding when to engage and not to engage while in lane.

This can solve many problems, not only this one in OP.

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But if Tobi is alone its not that good. This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic harassment, fighting, or rude posts. Where is your evidence of it causing an issue in the past? I think a ton of stuff that is done males sense only if it's explained.

Yes, and I would like to prevent this happening to anyone again, as it is frustrating at every rank I imagine. And when i play support, their will always be meka, force, pipe if need etc etc. Max duo queue solo mmr and ranked 5s mmr that's it. I win sometimes, but that is really coincidence.

It wouldn't be the worst if Valve replaced Party MMR with some other way of encouraging people to try hard in Party Rankeds, but there isn't an obvious replacement.

How on hell is this balanced?