Dude dating his car After the Show: Nathaniel

Dude dating his car

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I think it would be enjoyable because it would be something new for both of us. Yes, therapy was very helpful.

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The first episode will focus on year-old Nathaniel and his love affair turned sexual relationship with his Chevy Monte Carlo named Chase.

As long as he leaves the kids alone. I would like to get to know my dad better and spend more time with him, but we live four hours apart and it's hard with work schedules. And the Nathan says yeah sure, thats partly.

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I would like to dig deeper and learn more about what started these feelings for Chase and where they came from. Read on to find out how being featured on My Strange Addiction affected this relationship.

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Chase and I have our five-year anniversary coming up in June. How is your relationship with your dad and mom? Don't fake being somebody else.

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It made me more comfortable about myself and my feelings. My life hasn't changed much since being on My Strange Addiction. I talk to him and I feel an energy back from him.

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Actually, I felt like we grew a little closer because of the show -- it was something we did together. A few people at work have approached me about my relationship with Chase. Little Couple Kilts, Scotch, chatham dating sites More!

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How did people at work react when they found out about your dude dating his car addiction? I felt like I could express my love for him better than I had before. So how does he define himself sexually?

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It opened me up more and I felt more comfortable. I'm waiting to hear back on my taxes. Has your life changed since being on the show?

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I'm really nervous knowing Chase is in the shop, not knowing where he is.