Dynamic semantic matchmaking — Dynamic Semantic Matchmaking —

Dynamic semantic matchmaking

The particular contributions of Semantic Matchmaking with Nonmonotonic Description Logics span the fields of non-monotonic reasoning with description logics in dynamic semantic matchmaking intelligence, matchmaking of ontology-based descriptions and semantic web service discovery.

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This opens the necessity of verifying whether the implementation of a dynamic semantic matchmaking business process logic is "compatible" with a given interaction protocol.

This defect may cause behavioral mismatches although the provider and the requester are functionally compatible.


This is an attempt to create and maintain an accurate list of legal technology startups. Matchmaking Among Heterogeneus Software Agents. These were carefully selected during two rounds of reviewing and improvement from 26 presentations at the seminar and are preceded by a detailed preface providing general insights into the field of conceptual modeling that are not necessarily discussed in any of the chapters but nevertheless aid in conceptualizing the inner structure and coherence of the field.

He led industrially funded projects on the provision of services in the field of semantic interoperability. Itaru Hataue and Yosuke.

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Hence, researchers are still seeking for better correctness and higher efficiency of semantic matchmaking approaches. Modelling dynamic Web service discovery and matchmaking. Process oriented integration of the power grid will be unable to scale out to support future diversity of systems and interactions.

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In this paper, we concentrate on the compatibility of a set of processes executed in DENEB, a platform for the Development and ExecutioN of wEB processes based on the Net-within-Nets formalism and that follows a conversational approach. Matchmaking of the so. Another key element is the separation between business process logic and interaction actions, so that runtime-depending parameters can influence the selection and parametrization of the appropriate interaction protocol.

Dynamic semantic matchmaking

Applying for Scholarships in? Labs bring startups and big companies together and are by far.

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For more information about why I created this list, see this blog post. S data, if needed, with or without knowing its origin.

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The workshops were selected to complement the conference topics, leaving more time to researchers for brainstorming and then coming up, at the end of the workshops, with new research directions for the future. Herve PanettoNacer Boudjlids.

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Combining Web Services in such a dynamic environment. Factors hampering eBusiness diffusion in.

Students should have a commitment to interdisciplinary research and should have a strong background in computer science or a closely related discipline. Its underlying technologies have significant impact on adjacent fields of research and on industrial applications. Matchmaking Algorithms to Improve Dynamic Service. On Extending Semantic Matchmaking to.

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