Elove matchmaking cost Elove matchmaking cost

Elove matchmaking cost

I am very disappointed and angry with the deceit of this service.

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I went out 1 other time with another gentleman. S Just Lunch and eLove believe that they can rely on their splashy image on.


I abandoned the program after the three severely mismatched dates. So much for eLove's promise of introducing me to relationship-minded men. I want at least the portion I did not utilize to be reimbursed. Some said they were running out of time for when their contracts would expire, yet they hadn't celtic dating sites even half of the matches promised them.

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When I asked for my money back they refused to refund me even partially. Registered users, Together Dating Service. I have met 13 men - all first dates - in 3 years! The pitch person takes some data from you and gives it to the placement people, a computer site could give you equal options for less money.

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When I got there, they were short staffed and I had to wait a while… I was given a number of tests to complete and interviewed. The matchmaking cost is listed on my credit as a doctor bill. I looked him up on the Internet using his phone number since they only give you a first name. They continued to do it until my credit card company stepped in.

I did not find any of these matches compatible. Wanda of ParkvilleMD.

Paint proper picture of tricities dating who elove matchmaking cost you really lucky. Feel like that have nobody in my age group and anytime someone signs up they match me even if they don't fit my criteria, just to make a match.

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The change may also cost Texas. Their service is a complete rip off!!

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The men lacked basic grooming skills in most cases, dressed poorly, had dirty teeth, poor hygiene, unkempt hair and didn't bother to shave. The contents of this site may not be republished, reprinted, rewritten or recirculated without written permission.

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The first person did not meet most of my "deal breaker" requirements. I paid for membership nearly 8 years ago 12 matches. The next match had been in the military but didn't have a steady job.

May 4, I joined about 3 years ago, since then I have had 5 different match makers and now it is called Tennessee Singles. No way matchmaking cost we compatible.

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I have just been contacted by a collection agency who left me a message and I believe it is regarding ELove as I do not owe anyone anything.

As I also recall the address of eLove was always used whenever Perfect Match sent out an email.