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Far Cry 4 PC 9. Is the game updated to the latest patch?

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Far Cry 3 PC patch 1. Forgot your username or password? Originally Posted by Conkerkid11 It's probably best you just stay away from it anyways, even if it did allow you into a game.

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Fucking sucks because i bought it for the coop thingy. Your username is how other community members will see you. Multiplayer is even worse.

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Sometimes I would be able to connect to my friend, other times I wouldn't be able to get a game going with that same friend. Send a private message to Ardenyal. I still can't manage to join or host a random game and can never find enough people to play PVP with. Usually what happens is a connection will be made, the game switches to a loading screen, and then I end up back in my world with no one there and a message that says "failed to connect. Worked fine for me too. It's probably best you just stay away from it anyways, even if it did allow you into a game.

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Having a hard time picking a name? A new patch has been issued for Far Cry 4 which adds co-op custom maps alongside a collection matchmaking. Yeah could be a NAT issue. I'm one of the lucky ones who's had no problems with it. Zo is dat ook het geval bij Far Cry 4. Originally Posted by DrGonzo Originally Posted by tempest3. I played co-op with friends and with randoms on ps4 and never had an issue.

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Very disappointing since co-op was such a big selling point. Originally Posted by DrGonzo Not sure why this didnt get more attention but Far Cry 4s co-op has pretty much never worked and looking around the internet it seems that a lot of others are having the same problem. Far Cry 4; Another co-op trophy help thread; Been trying to get those trophies far cry 4 matchmaking issues but I never seem to connect to anyone through random matchmaking. Now that is just fucking stupid. My PS4 gets a pretty solid connection during tests, 30 down, 5 up. I tried the change of heart dating show in this thread, nothing worked.

Find More Posts by ZeroX Has worked 3 times for me. But looks like some have played via matchmaking with no issue. Coop by invite with my bro from across the world works fine. Originally Posted by tempest3 Had no clue it had a problem.

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I played for quite awhile on the PC version in co-op, and then stopped playing for awhile.