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You have to know the rules! I know I have made the best match when I have looked at all the factors involved and put two opponents next to each other on paper and everything aligns.

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You spent money on a camp. Make up different fights.

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The UFC currently has several fighters ranked below Mousasi who make substantially more than him and that rubs Mousasi the wrong way. I started helping him out, he showed me the ropes, so to speak, and then I got licensed for matchmaking pro and ammy [amateur] in PA.

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But imagine trying to get someone to fight Chad Mendes on two weeks' or even a month's notice. If you're tired of seeing rematches, then you've got to clear space and bring in new people. There's also a ton of background info on both men, including a detailed section where Silva defends his brutal honesty, a trait that many in the business ultimately respect unless it's coming in their direction.

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It's one of the more interesting behind-the-scenes fights matchmaking about the UFC you're going to read this year. Would you like to get your product to the right fighter?

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On situations where they have to deal with the actions of their boss, like saying that every TUF fighter from a season is going to get a contract:. Not that long ago, Gegard Mousasi was known for his unflappable stoicism both in and outside of the cage.

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ABC medical committee to recommend weight-cutting reform plan. The fighters have their job to do in the fight matchmaking. There are so many elements to it. Dominic Mazzotta ; BellatorApril I defeated Mark Hunt.

I did this to be something to the fighters.

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The sidebar size is long. SingaporeJune Instead of re-signing with the UFC beforehand, Mousasi has opted to wait so as to maximize his leverage and secure a better deal for himself. Top rated fighter Jham 5, 1 votes Read more How can he askmen dating tips a title shot? It has maybe solidified any doubts I may have had about my strengths and capabilities and character. Apparel Accessories Gloves Sale. What have you learned about yourself as a person from this role? UFC Is this going to be a good fight?

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Funny convo with my manager suckerpunchent but in all seriousness You want to see the best outcome for all parties involved and all perspectives.