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Get free paint chips and make a pixelated mural. You have a romantic getaway for two! So-called amateur or open-mic nights tend to showcase local talent in either music or comedy performances, depending on the venue.

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Snuggle, tell ghost stories, and roast marshmallows. If you're bold, you might even jump in and participate! Not only is this date free, but you can save money on your electricity bill!

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Lie in the grass and watch the clouds go by. Just bring a blanket and gaze upwards together. Even if you know the destinations, watching your date discover them is the best part. Game Night Circa Head on over to your local grocery store and see just how price-savy you and your spouse are with our version of this classic game show. Let peace and reverence seep into your being.

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Look around your city and do the things a tourist might do — go to an overlook, a quaint neighborhood, the botanical gardens, a museum, whatever is special about your hometown. Make up your bedroom to look like a hotel. Even small acts of kindness performed side by side with your spouse can bring you closer together and help your marriage be more fulfilling. Some even offer complimentary wine and cheese.

Enjoy great tips on how to pamper, be pampered and have a great time on a date with your spouse! What does your idea of a romantic evening entail?

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Better yet- video tape it! Share On googleplus Share On googleplus.

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