Freshman in college dating freshman in high school Hs freshman dating college freshman okay?

Freshman in college dating freshman in high school

If he is just doing it to get some fresh putang that that's gross. Show him this thread, like the dude needs to wake up. Big Story Halloween Is Here! I think we should de-friend.

I wouldn't even think about dating a 14 year old and I'm still in HS. All times are Eastern You must log in or sign up to reply here.

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I hope it's an ounce of cyanide to poison your breakfast tomorrow you feisty little tart. You have no love in your soul dude.

But now, I think it's fucked that I've fucked some who were younger than, for example, one of my exs' younger sisters. You are using an out of date browser.

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TealFerinesAug 18, Aug 18, 4. Use rep code 'vtownrep' at checkout or click below http: When your older like 30 and dating a 26 years old i can see it being okay, but really this young just seems wrong to me.

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Yeah, nothins wrong with that like after Mcdaking28Aug 18, Go for those OP. B-MitchAug 18, Tell ElNinoSouthPole to stop doing this before we call the police. That counted as automatic pussy magnet in here back then.