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Kelly Fu Denies Dating Married Men

Login or Register before you can reply to itsmeg. The drama focuses on the issue of balancing life and work.

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Reproduction in whole or in part without written permission is prohibited. Although Kelly possesses a fu dating demeanor, the year-old is wrought with negative rumors regarding her love life and tendency to date older, wealthy men.

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She revealed that her ex-boyfriend, who fu dating outside the entertainment industry, has already settled down and has a family now. He has to be more successful than me.

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With so many opportunities from TVB, Kelly now hopes to focus on her career. She candidly admitted that she is not good at dealing with conflicts in a relationship. A lot of employers do not like their employees getting married and having children.


I will leave things up to fate. Many artistes in the company are also couples. I do hope he has found happiness.

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If I married him, I may not be happy. Despite her claim of wanting to focus on work, dating may not be completely off her radar. How do you feel about this article?

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Login or Register before you can reply to m0m0. Login or Register before you can reply to cutie Enter your email address: The company is very open. She has since denied the rumors and stressed that she is currently single.

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At one point, Kelly was reported to be dating several married wealthy men at once.