Fulltone ocd serial number dating Fulltone OCD Obsessive Compulsive Drive Versions

Fulltone ocd serial number dating

Compared to version 1.

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Serial begins with DW. I love my Version 1 never heard any of the other versions don't care too Version 1 is awesome. Display posts from previous: Oct 19, I'm just curious I guess, also I would like to know its resale value. No info on the Fulltone website either. Fulltone Ocd Version Serial Numbers.

An e-mail from Michael Fuller, the founder of Fulltone, was received by a forum user in regards to this topic. Switch to mobile style.

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Maybe it was an omission or maybe Fulltone decided to stop listing version numbers. Manufactureres with a bazillion versions of their pedals make me nuts!!!!!!

Fulltone OCD Versions

V4 is when they moved to asymmetrical clipping, more alive and dynamic. Serial numbers do not identify the model. All items listed with serial numbers, show the actual instrument in the photographs. Then I found a couple of aged ones, serial numbers 22 and 23, and they were.

Windup 43Oct 18, I will begin with the new added or taken away features to the 3rd version of the OCD by Fulltone. Assorted strings and spares USA No serial number plus: I may have to sell my version 2 and buy a version 4, AND 2 or 3 other things!

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Comments I really beg to differ.