Funny online dating taglines Picking a Tagline to Enhance Your Online Dating Profile

Funny online dating taglines

Time is fun when you're having flies.

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My Go this amn keyboar oesn't have any 's. A mistress lies between a mister and a mattress.

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Rumper sticker on a horse: Earth was interesting, and worth the money I paid for it. Arrogant prick with a soft sensitive side. Trying to determine from the cutesy pictures which restroom to use.

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Can you think of another word for "synonym"? Prizes only awarded for building arks. What are you after?

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A good pun is its own reword. Bachelor 9 "I want you to look good on my arm. Satisfaction guaranteed, or twice your load back. Being mistaken at the top of your voice.


On the other hand Bachelor 82 "Just a friend needs a friends. Where there is a will, there is an Inheritance Tax. Michelangelo would have made better time with a roller.

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WIll you quit grabbing my butt! A creature that can leap to tremendous heights If at first you don't succeed, redefine success.