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He wept as he gay dating sida the book online.

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Geng believes this major political shift began with the vocal presence of the LGBTQ community online. Jason Q Ng, an expert on Chinese internet censorship link in Englishtold Quartz that the Chinese government might start to realize that a LGBTQ presence does not threaten the stability of their regime. The website launched in and had news, chat sections, and published LGBTQ-related films and novels.

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Geng felt compelled to make that voice easier to find for others. Seeking more information to extend his understanding of his newfound sexuality, Geng found a book titled Beijing Story —a love story with genuine, undemonized gay characters—in the most cryptic rims of the internet.

Though the Chinese government still forbids representations of homosexuality on TV and has censored documentaries about being gaythey appear to be more leniant when it comes to digital content. Sweeping keyword blocks and a more manual approach where up to 1, censors might be employed at any one time to annihilate sensitive information.

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Light Blue was one of the websites that was regularly forced into a black out. Founder Geng Le realized that he liked men aroundback when homosexuality was still defined as a mental disease link in English in China.

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Internet socialites who are open about their sexuality have gained popularity and have capitalized on their fame by starting their own lines of clothing. Online activism has on some level forced the Chinese government to become more transparentand though ironclad bans are still are in place on content mentioning Tiananmen incident or Falun Gong, the internet censors seem to be loosening their grips on a lot of issues from government malfeasances and press freedoms to subcultural marginalized populations such as LGBTQ community.

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Popular gay-dating app Blued has also reached an astronomical scale of more than 22 millions usersusurping Grindr to become the most-used dating app for gays gay dating sida.

Equipped with more resources and clout than ever, the company continues to expand its popular platforms and public health initiatives.

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So, for now, the Chinese LGBTQ community is sadly still segregated from the real world and only gets to exist online—but at least our community there is growing and thriving. Last year, five feminists were arrested link in English for planning rallies protesting sexual harassment.

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On top of that, approximately 20,—50, internet police and internet monitors are situated at all levels of government. However, some members of the gay population are not as positive.

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These people are not as marginalized as many Westerners may think: China censors its internet in two ways: He's a writer, coder, and folk music aficionado. What is revolutionizing and centralizing this community is the same phenomenon that has united ostracized peoples the world over: Occupied by both of his jobs, he worked 17 hours almost everyday for six years.

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China may have barricaded itself with the Great Fire Wall and imposed brutal censors on its internetbut its netizens are more informed and liberated than at any other point in history. One of the earliest and most popular websites for the gay community was—and still is— Light Bluethe predecessor of the popular app Blued.