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I've spent a couple of hours in this restroom on my last few few trips through Denver and have never seen any action. Posted Mar 24 This is page is for reviews of places and occasional general questions and comments such as "What time is best? Headed through Denver Monday morning - will be there from 8am-9am and will have to check it out. Denver International Airport Category: Posted Oct 08 I jacked off three different guys and sucked one. Concourse A - Second floor, Concourse C - by gate Posted Oct 03 His arms were twice my size.

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Attach photos of the place, maps, etc. Alas, heavy sigh I'm not.

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The special someone that you could get up and follow with your eyes the whole length of the concourse Anyone else going to be there around then? Since the stall on the last door as been removed, it's been somewhat dead, but you can see reflections on the wall when someone is in the stall next to you. I situated myself where I could get a good view of everyone gay hookup denver airport in front of me from either direction.

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Quiet, subtle, and loaded with action. He was just askng a question and did not deserve a mouth gay hookup denver airport of shit from you. It usually takes at least a few days before they appear on this page.

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The DIA is actually a great airport for people-watching as the concourse is extremely long and straight and very wide and open with moving walkways in the middle and plenty of uncrowded seating.

No because I have some fucking decency and respect for myself and others. Not that they don't do it one off and not that men wouldn't do it if the women wouldbut I've never seen it. WordPress themes by TemplateMonster.

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Most of the time I get a nice cock here. Let me know if u will be there!

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I am departing from Concourse C so probably looking for something fun and quick. And of course, after a long business trip, I was tired and didn't particularly desire to be productive and wrap up my field report - I desired some downtime. He was asking me questions, trying to get a handle on what exactly I meant when I said I am gay. When I came up, he let me in.


It was very quiet with very little traffic. There's still a ghana dating services in the toilet paper metal fixture where you can check out the guy next to you, but someone wants to kill the action in here.

All the action was in the stalls. I used to work at the airport and Grindr is on fire in there.