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Locations to practice Cruising in New Hampshire

When I learned about the calling card, I never backed into a parking space in a secluded area, or Wal-Mart parking lot I heard that this was a popular rendezvous point as well Haven't come accross any of this yet but if I came accross a needle infested area, I would notify the authorities.

Just bring some relish and mustard next time. I went into the woods hunting for a few hours, and when I came out, he was still sitting there. Pinic Area East Side Cambridge. Perhaps drug transactions going on. My own feeling regarding each of the fifteen behaviors listed on our cache listing page, and the people engagin in them, is that these people and other nonhuman creatures, as you will see from the cache listing page are all God's creatures, and it is not my job to judge anyone, nor to take any of this stuff too seriously, but rather my job is only to witness and love them all ahem, that is, I do mean unconditional agape-type love.

I wish they wouldnt take our parks gay hookup spots manchester nh like that. Add a new cruising spot in New Hampshire, United States.

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If there is drug use going on that should also be reported. In this day and age, postI didn't think that was gay hookup spots manchester nh as the attention was more heightened over there. Backing into parking places in such areas is considered a sign that you are interested and available.

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Smaller can fit through it, but the best bet is to meet and go somewhere else. I have gotten some looks from a couple of individuals, and inquiries on what I was doing. However, hijacking a public spot by any group is really uncalled for and rude. The police need to hear complaints often. He checked my license plates and ran my drivers license. We placed an extreme Psycho Urban Cache in an urban park a few months ago.

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I was even propositioned in one once. There's a few Forest Preserves near Chicago that have this problem.

Found 30 in New Hampshire

Northbound ISeabrookUnited States. We're here to help you find any Dating a lawyer Place in Manchester. Check all the Gay Place in East Concord and its surrounding area.

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Strand Road 64DerryUnited States. Lastly, it is sad that I say this, Perhaps we all need to start putting special containers in our caching or metal detecting packs for when we encounter these types of things. Mainly car cruisers, but odd younger guys on foot or bike. It's made of seasoned hickory and would do quite a number on anyone. I also carry pepper spray.

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Random Popularity Last Updated. And it's not just 'after dark'. I would, maybe, discreatly hit the enter button on my GPS and register that location. A letter to the editor of the newspaper might be in order too. The guy then got out of his car and started following me.

Secluded parking area with foot access to busy but secluded spots. Generally I mind my own business, find the cache, and move on.

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When it gets to these points, I don't care if it is hetero or same sex. I just told him that I had been to McDs and that the current place was convenient. Gay hookup spots manchester nh To get the perfect Gay Cruising in New Hampshire spots you can actually ask locals or others who live in We're here to help you find any Gay Place in Manchester. New Hampshire women, handsome New Hampshire men, single parents, gay.