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Our relationship is the longest i ever had. I felt myself falling in love with him quickly, as he also assured me that he did not have the connection with anyone else that he had with me. Libra woman with gemini man potential March 28th, All this has a direct relationship to a man and woman who are in love, because it can never be conceived or perceived wrongly if done right. I am a Libra woman married to a Gemini man.

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They have great fear of being rejected and therefore if they sense that they often decide to walk away first before becoming a victim. She is the one I want to be with. I am sorry about the passing of your love. The sign of Libra is very sensitive to any sort of will imposing or criticism and will recognize it even when Gemini has no idea what their partner is imagining.

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I just find it interesting how so many people want to use this place to bring out the worst in us Gemini. But it's always terrible when we are not together. Type your comment here i am in the same position right now…i have been seeing him for a year and 2 gemini man dating libra woman.

If you love them, they will love you more. Towards the end, I didn't want him to leave or experience the goodbye "ceremony" so I left town and left him in my apartment for a few days alone.

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They always ask for so much and don't appreciate what they get. We began to get acquainted inafter a year we backed away for a minute.

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Strike up a conversation using one of your clever lines. These are two individuals who can react with a lot of darkness and depression, when they are brought home to touch with their core emotions.

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Yell and cuss at it as well if that helps to release that tension. Even you shun shabby look and dirty nails.

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The relationship between a Gemini man and Libra woman will move along at a merry clip. I'm a libran married to a Gemini man.

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His friends told me that he changed after he met me. Most commonly DST is obtained by adjusting the official local time forward, by one hour, for the spring, summer, and early autumn periods. Opposites work really well, as can ones who just compliment each other harmoniously. I am a libra and I am in a relationship with a gemini man for 7 years already. I am a Libra women and I am currently dating a Gemini man. I liked his humor and respect to my side, which made me feel pretty much different than other girls he talks to.

Libralee May 12th, I agree with following statement: Libra's are about LOVE and are in it for the long haul, wanting a relationship to work