Gf on dating website I just found out my girlfriend is on three dating sites: Ellie

Gf on dating website

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If you are uncomfortable with it, you don't need to justify it. Originally Posted by Ninjainpajamas.

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I do not feel as though it is. When I am not there to talk to her she is talking to him, or video chatting him for hours.

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I know I can't force you guys to go with me, but it's something I really miss doing. Yes, utterly platonic older-man-younger-woman relationships exist in the world, but is it ever a losing gamble to think older men are messaging young women on OK Cupid to go bowling.

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Or kind of realize it but be in super-high denial. I wouldn't be ok with that at all. She still doesn't want to hear any of what I have to say.

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Online dating- Free sites vs Pay sites. I'm going to second that person and say that you are being much more kind to her than I would be.

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I get a sense that she is testing the waters. I know this part is tough -- believe me, I know -- but don't let this fear keep you in a bad relationship.

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If her "looking for" includes both genders of all ages, again, no problem. You can dump her and be the gf on dating website, controlling boyfriend who wouldn't let her hang out with her friends. My family used to joke about how I always had a boyfriend and someone on deck.

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Is it because you have issues with women lying? Your girlfriend is not being genuine with you, or possibly even herself.

To describe it any other way is ridiculous. I would, however, seriously question if this is a relationship you want to keep.

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