Gm hei hook up Upgrading a Points Distributor to an HEI System

Gm hei hook up

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See it in Louisville next week the Street Rod Nats! Feed your new 12 guage wire through the fuse block remember, the lug has to be inserted from the "inside"strip off an appropriate amount of insulation, gently crimp it onto the lug, and then solder it for a secure and electrically tight connection.

The ignition module uses this information to determine when to fire the ignition coil.

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The third situation can be solved in two ways. The one wire regulator is good upto amps. The time now is All times are GMT Remember, every vehicle is unique, and gm hook up for your particular vehicle is recomended.

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Even so, I have to admit that there are a lot of advantages to an HEI conversion. There are a lot of options when upgrading from a points-style distributor to an HEI one.

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This was done with either an external ballast resistor or a resistance wire in the ignition circuit depending on the year of the car. Do you want to clean out even more wires from the engine compartment?

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Okay, so you want more; The points system has two wires running to the coil, one is the above mentioned resistance wire. Katech notes the impact on valvetrain stability as well.

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The other wire is hot when the ignition switch is in the run position, providing approximately 9. For preventative measure, hook up a voltmeter to your new ignition feed wire and check for 12 volts in the run, and start posistions. Get Latest News and Articles.

If you do, run one wire to that post and call it done. Password Please enter a password for your user account.

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Trace both back through the wiring harness for neat removal.