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Gold armlet dating from the 14th century

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This tells me that Singapore could have had connections with China in the 14th century. Sadly, the inscriptions could not been deciphered and until now, they still remain a mystery.

Portrait of Sir Shenton Whitelegge Thomas This tells me that China and Singapore were on good terms as the ceramic fragments are rare and unique.

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Set privacy level Privacy level. I believe this is the first necklace made from glass.

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Probably back in the past Singapore is already connected with some countries, these connections could be a form of religious purpose or trades. The man who was sitting on the horse may dating safari 2015 a special person because according to the picture, the horse has addles and wings.

This glass beads are found at Fort Canning Hill. The armlet could also be a form of currency for exchange of goods too.

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Trade connections with China in 14th century The blue and white porcelain stem-cups were produced in China during the Yuan Dynasty early 13th century Before proceeding: The armlet should be only owned by the rich people as the design is very skilful. It may also be worn by bride during marriage.

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S Charityhla 26 March at Lee Jie Hui S 29 Credits: A firewall is blocking access to Prezi content. This material can only be found in the past and we don not see it often now.

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This tells me that Singapore could have had a connection with China between the 13thth century. It has the design of Kala, the Hindu god representing time and destruction.

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And it was a succesful trading port that there were royal familes living in Temasek and that a possible invasion could take place.