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Sex beyond being used to make babies or to fulfill your obligations as a wife. If, at 7 months, she is still not sure about him, then obviously a longer wait is necessary. When I was a virgin and started dating someone I actually ended up guy opinion on dating a virgin about 7 months.

It is great to have advice on love and life. Also, how does this jive with the fact that some men refuse to marry a girl that isn't a virgin when they start dating? Though I sort of believe that is foregone either way.

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Your perception is skewed because maybe your 'prize' is the sex itself. And, of course, anyone who disagrees with Julia about anything is a racist, sexist, tool bag.

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I don't get why everyone says it hurts. I want to have a better picture about the subject: I guess I could say that I'm not really a virgin since I'd started to have sex with a woman, but I don't really count that experience because of how terrible it was and how brief it was, not because of the gender.

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He knew I wanted more and exploited me for that. And of course, a life well lived and love gained is the best revenge for those burns of the past: My past made me into the woman that I am today, with you.

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Erica is obsessed with fashion magazines, Disney, and the color pink. How do I state my reasons for not moving in? Girls, don't delude yourselves.

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I build love, a future. More importantly, she haven't met you and so she did what she had at hand.

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Or rather, that you understand one another. I am talking about situations in which a girl is a virgin and the guy disappears before they have sex - even if she tells him she wants him to take his virginity. If you're using any civilization east of the Balkans for your second sentence, you're comparing apples to oranges. What do guys think about this? Sometimes they don't see the whole 'you' but reject you anyway.