Harry potter fanfiction fred and hermione secretly dating Harry potter fanfiction fred and hermione secretly dating

Harry potter fanfiction fred and hermione secretly dating

Of all the things she thought Ron was going to say, this was not what she had expected.

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But if he comes in here and acts like that, just call for me okay? Friendly banter and a chance oppurtunity where they'd been left alone had led to him letting out his feelings, the ones he'd kept in all year. Y-you said he was Ginny's brother… you were talking about how you hoped Mum wouldn't be upset," his tone got increasingly more desperate.

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I can't leave him! I stormed into Percy's room.

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I threw myself onto the bed, and put the pillow over my face, and screamed. I shook my head no.

She knew she wasn't the last thing on his mind when he died. Spending a few moments alone together, a late night talk, and their accquaintance had transformed into an uncertain friendship.

There was a long silence, as Mr and Mrs Weasley stared at her in disbelief, and everyone else in the room busied themselves by studying the plates of food heaped in front of them.

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Fun, light-hearted Dramione One-Shot. It couldn't be Bill or Charlie — they were both happily married. Ginny dissolved into giggles as well, and soon, the whole family — except for Ron and Fred — was chuckling right alongside them.

I looked down at my plate, I had barley eaten a thing. Just In All Stories: His first love, his only love.

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I like to be sure. You'd know that I like to take things slow.

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The atmosphere turned chilling in less than a heartbeat. Finally, he stood up. Ron shrugged, looking as though he was already reconsidering his proposal as he watched his brother cower before the terrifying force that was Hermione Granger. Eleven years since the finial battle and ten years since Hermione Granger has spoken to the people she once called friends.

And she's engaged to WHO? She'd reciprocated, and it'd led to her first 'real' kiss under what they'd christened 'their' cherry blossom tree. It's a Muggle book.

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Ginny, who didn't care if she stunk up her house by her sweaty clothes, sat down in the chair next to me. What will their reactions be if they come to the bottom of things? I want to marry her!