Hayden and nicole still dating When Did Nicole & Hayden Break Up? The 'Big Brother 16' Couple Seems To Be Dunzo

Hayden and nicole still dating

Let's hope that they're still close friends and we'll hear more information as the show progresses this season.

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In fact, Nicole said that she was "single," so let's pour one out for Haycole, shall we? So since they're now apparently done-zo, what does Hayden think of Nicole on Big Brother 18?

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Which is kind of amazing, considering the fact that Hayden could have gone on to be jaded and disappointed that Nicole returned to Big Brother and he didn't. On April 25, Nicole posted a photo on Twitter featuring her, Hayden, and another friend out at what appears to be a club.

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Nicole gave no indication when she showed up as a surprise houseguest in Season 18 as to when her relationship with Hayden may have ended — she just said the aforementioned single comment and we all moved on with our lives. Nicole revealed that last time she was on the house, she was distracted by a boy. Well, on the premiere, we got an answer.

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This photo, taken only a month before the premiere, shows the two together. Home Made It Awards Maybe the fact that Nicole doesn't have any showmances brewing yet on Big Brother 18 means that she'll be more likely to go farther than and still dating time. It was a huge shock to Big Brother fans everywhere when four alums of the show returned on the Big Brother 18 premiere.

Two seasons ago on Big Brother 16the showmance that bloomed between Hayden and Nicole blossomed into a full blown relationship that progressed well beyond the Big Brother house.

Hayden and Nicole (Season 16)

Eventually, after being pursued by Hayden for a little while, Nicole finally gave into her feelings and they were a thing. Home Made It Awards At the beginning ofthe two were still together, with Nicole calling Hayden her "boyfriend" another caption. While I wouldn't say that Nicole was "distracted", she certainly was sidetracked.

And they did what a lot of other reality TV couple fail to do — they stayed together. The former Big Brother houseguest seems to be totally supportive of Nicole getting back into the game, despite the fact that they are no longer in a relationship.

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Also take that with the tiniest grain of salt you can find, because the amount of Instagram and Twitter photos of the two of them have — up until very recently — make them look like a lot more than friends after a break-up. They even seemed to last beyond the show's finale. But, when did Nicole and Hayden break up?

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There's no clear way to tell when they really broke up, of course — only Nicole and Hayden know exactly what happened between them — but as far as social media goes, this is the last photo of Nicole and Hayden together pre- Big Brother Season So and still dating did these two go wrong? Me Before You is a romantic, tear-jerker of a film, something you would see with a boyfriend or girlfriend They were even just at a premiere of the movie Me Before You together.

Are Nicole And Hayden Still Together 2016?

Hopefully, either way, the two did remain friends — their relationship was too adorable during Season 16 to even wonder if it's anything other than that. Nicole allegedly revealed on the Big Brother feeds that something changed in Hayden last year after his haircut take that how you will and shortly afterward, they broke up, but are still friends. While this doesn't prove that they're still together, it at least suggests that the two are still friends — so at least that's some consolation to the break-up blow we received on the premiere.