Hindu dating practices Your Guide to Dating an Indian

Hindu dating practices, how sex is viewed in hinduism

If the astrological chart of the two individuals male and female achieve the required threshold in points then further talks are considered for prospective marriage. For many cultures, this is disrespectful.

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They married many women and kept many women, some for work, some as wives and some for hindu dating practices. For example, although sage Parasara engaged in some form of sexual union with Satyavathi, he did not take away her maidenhood or violated her chastity. She was not brought up by her original father. In fact, boys faced even stricter regulations than the girls before their marriage and during their education, which precluded any possibility on their part to indulge in premarital sex or sexual misconduct.

Premarital sex and sexual morality in ancient India

Rules of celibacy The rules of celibacy and chastity prescribed by the law books for the boys and girls precluded any possibility of premarital sex among the children of upper castes. For the good of all, it has to be resolved before she is married.

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Though some matches are made based on mutual attraction, far more couples are the product of arranged marriages, and casual dating without the firm goal of marriage in mind is simply unheard of.

Such exceptions were rare and comparable to the legends found in other cultures, such as the story of Mother Mary giving birth to Jesus as a virgin.

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We are only publishers of this material, not authors. He was found by a couple who lived in a hindu dating practices down the stream and brought him up as an ordinary child.

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Says Bedi, "Your close friends are protective about you, and they want the best for you. The times, they are a-changing — and so is the art of the biggest game of your life.

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The problem with Hinduism is that you can argue from every angle and support different standpoints, depending upon how you may view them. We are encouraged to date people that are similar to us in their religion, values, and socio-economic status and also who different from ourselves. In Hinduism, as Isvara himself, the Sun symbolizes the purity of the highest kind suddha sattva. Historically the vedic marriage was but one of the few different types of Hindu marriage customs.

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Showing respect to elders is an integral part of Hindu culture. May Learn how and when to remove this template message. Once there is an agreement then an auspicious time is chosen for the wedding to take place. Now the young people of today have many avenues to communicate through mobile phones, text messages, emails and social networks without being obvious and without being noticed by their parents. This is no longer the practice in many progressive communities any more.

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Hinduism is a complex religion. They are for your personal and spiritual growth not for copying and posting on your website. They vary from region to region and caste to caste. Comment 9 Posted by Jeetu Rating It is sad that Colleen being a western woman has generalized so quickly, I thought western women were much more smarter than this.

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As a result their houses were full of children. We rely solely upon our content to serve you.

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Hook-up culture The hook-up culture dominates the modern dating scene. In contrast, the women who lived in the royal households enjoyed little freedom. If you have a medical problem or symptoms, consult your physician.