Hook up car subwoofers DIY Bass: How to Install a Car Subwoofer

Hook up car subwoofers

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If you pick a speaker with maximum rated input of Watt to connect it to an amplifier with average output of Watt, then never hook up car subwoofers the amplifier to max or you'll end up damaging the speakers. Another question, I have a 15' rockford sub and an amp to go with it, i want to install it into my sentra, but i have found out the stock stereo doesnt come with RCA jacks so whats is the best way to go about this?

Introduction: Installing Subwoofers in a Car

If your amp kit came with an "inline fuse holder", you'll want to find a nice location to mount it in your engine bay. RMS is very important when matching subs and amps, yes not enough power will make subs clip, but also to much power will burn your voice coils by over heating them with too much power.

How should I connect the remote wire so that I don't have to disconnect it when I turn off the car?

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Gay dating websites kenya Always Disconnect the Negative terminal from your battery before doing anything with electricity on your car. Now for the Remote blue wire.

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The fuse amperage should match the gauge size. I will show you how to do this with an aftermarket head unit stereo.

Remove the wire and find the correct remote amp, then turn on wire or ignition wire to the vehicle. If you blow your fuse when you try to turn the amp on, this is almost always a bad ground connection.

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This is the amplifier charging the huge capacitors contained inside. Make sure that all wires run neatly to the amp to prevent a re-do. Run the power wire to your amp.

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If you have a Chevy and a Sony stereo go to them and tell them you need a Chevy to Sony wiring harness, they will ask you the year of the vehicle and then go pick it off the shelf, these are usually by the install department behind the counter. Cabling and Wiring Connection. Things You'll Need Stereo.

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You want to be running your subwoofers on its RMS rating rather than the peak rating. It is important to get the power from the battery and not the fuse box.

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This will come into play later. MykolasS author haydendicker Reply If your stereo does not have these connections, you will have to splice the wires into the rear speaker wires.

Step 1: Parts

You cannot just plug it in; you must charge it first with a resistor, use a 1k ohm resistor because they do not get as hot, it only takes a few seconds to hook up car subwoofers, do not do this bare handed. You should be able to connect it to the auxiliary on the back of the stereo unit.

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Not Helpful 13 Helpful Always be careful with electricity. Make sure you always turn off your amp when you leave your car, it will overheat and drain your battery. Better yet, go out and by a new stereo that has RCA. Not only are you not producing a single decibel of sound during this microsecond, but you're also working the voice coil very hard and damaging it.