Hook up dualshock 4 to pc How to Use a PS4 Controller on Your PC or Mac (Including Steam!)

Hook up dualshock 4 to pc

This opens up the Action Center — from there click 'Bluetooth' and then select 'Wireless Controller'. If Bluetooth is turned off, you will need to turn it on.

Use the PlayStation 4's controller in Windows

This is only a problem when playing wirelessly. The good news is connecting a DualShock 4 to your Mac is much, much simpler than connecting it to your PC. All other steps are the same. Otherwise, click the button with the plus sign labeled Add Bluetooth or other device and on the next screen choose Bluetooth. The bad news is compatibility is much, much more limited, and you'll likely find yourself tweaking controls and trying to get it to work more than you would with a PC that thinks it's an Xbox controller.

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If you experience any problems, you may want to reboot the computer. Most game should show the PlayStation button configuration correctly, but older games that don't support Steam's generic controller may show the Xbox controller buttons on-screen. Sometimes this may be needed for Windows to properly detect the driver and the controller.

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If you don't have the option to turn Bluetooth on or off, Windows may not be properly detecting your Bluetooth adapter. The only downside is that the controller's audio jack isn't currently supported, meaning you'll have to plug your headphones directly into your computer if you want to use them.

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Steam, the popular storefront and game launcher, has released a new update that allows you to use the PS4 DualShock controller on your PC when running the application. Instead of accessing the Steam settings by clicking the View menu option and choosing Settings, you will click the Steam menu item and choose Preferences.

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Sony produces an official version, but any Bluetooth adapter that supports Bluetooth 2 and above should work. The PS4 controller uses the same Bluetooth technology almost every other wireless device uses, so you can hook up dualshock 4 to pc the more expensive Sony-branded adapter and go with any cheap Bluetooth adapter you can find on Amazon.

Luckily, it is easier to get your Dual Shock controller up and running with a Mac than it is using a PC. To connect the PS4 controller via Bluetooth, press and hold the central PS Button and the Share button for three seconds until the lightbar at the top of the controller begins to flash.

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First, you will need to put your controller in discovery mode by holding down the Share button and the PlayStation button until the light blinks. While Steam has become the dominant platform for gaming on the PC, not all games support Steam and not all players use it. It's comfortable and solidly built and with analog sticks and triggers that feel just right.