Hook up internet How to Connect a Computer to the Internet

Hook up internet

More info Video Instructions: In wireless networking, entering incorrect security keys is one of the most common errors. Instead of using a phone line as ADSL does, cable broadband establishes an internet connection via a specialised cable that shares the same line as your TV service.

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As the owner of the new infrastructure that allows for latest fibre broadband, BT is also currently the sole provider of this next-generation service. When connecting to a provider's network for the first time, the customer subscription must be activated and any special settings the provider requires such as login information set via the gateway.

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Many companies provide installation of one of the above types of fixed internet connection, with ongoing access to the connection at an agreed speed and data usage offered, mostly on a contract basis. However, some end users prefer to add a portable network router typically advertised as a travel router into their configuration. Tap "OK" again to begin a connection test. Was This Article Helpful?

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When prompted, use the keyboard that appears on the lower screen to enter your security key and tap "OK" when finished. Portable computers, like tablets, can be connected to fixed location networks inside a home, but they additionally support mobile broadband Internet access via cellular networks that can be used at home and hook up internet traveling.

On fixed location networks, the modem connects to the gateway device.

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If you do not know your wireless security key, click here. However, everyday items such as watches, even central heating systems and refrigerators, are now capable of using the internet.

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The hook up internet common devices people use today to get online, include: Click here to find out what's next! Connect your computer to any of the LAN ports on the router with an Ethernet cable. Once a computer has successfully connected to the provider's network the first time, subsequent problems tend to be unexpected outages due to weather or technical issues the provider is having with their own equipment assuming the home network itself is functioning normally. Finally, outside the home, portable computers can also reach the Internet via Wi-Fi hotspotshardware access points installed in fixed locations that are in turn networked to Internet service through one of the other above methods.

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Updated April 07, If you need to access your router, read about wireless gateways and routers.