Hook up iv bag How To Set Up An IV Line – Firefighter Style

Hook up iv bag

After the vein is accessed, the catheter is left in place for easy access to the vein.

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An important part of the process of starting an IV is introducing yourself to the patient and explaining the procedure that's about to occur. DA Diah Ahmad Nov 24, Look at the bag and locate the port of entry this is located at the top of the IV bottle and is similar to a bottle cap.

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Make sure you have an IV stand. When using only gravity as the means for determining which med is being administered, the piggyback needs to be higher than the primary one. You will need to start the process over again.

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If a artery is suspected, it must be removed and pressure applied to avoid casing injury. Check the flow of fluid into the IV.

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Rarely is a patient only on one IV hook up iv bag when in the hospital. Look for a flashback of blood at the catheter hub.

IV Piggyback Demonstration

Cookies make wikiHow better. Why not just shut off the primary bag and open up the piggyback?

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There are usually multiple antibiotics or cardiac meds that are not mixed in the same bag. An artery does not bounce back like a vein under palpitation.

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Thanks to all authors for creating a page that has been readtimes. Giving a patient the wrong IV bag could lead to a life-threatening situation, such as an allergic reaction.

Can be a minor or serious issue depending on the medicine being administered. Open the roller valve and release the line — fluid should flow down the length of the tubing without producing any bubbles. Hold onto the catheter hub with your thumb and index finger.

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Keep it securely seated in the vein.