Hook up jig head Fishing Jigs

Hook up jig head

I would add that you should retie after each fish because the line almost always gets wrapped around the little feelers during the fight. At this point, these guys studied their line rather closely, watching for the slightest tap or twitch.

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Time and again, hooked yellowtail fought to reach bottom, but were stopped short. Instead you drop the sandball over the side, where it plummets down a long way, your spin reel flipping line out rapidly. Okay, this was getting frustrating.

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Sandball ready to throw. It also allows them to engulf the entire lure correctly, which ultimately increases the amount of strikes and fish you will land throughout the day.

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It was a small, fluorescent yellow jighead, tipped with a small strip of ballyhoo. Midweek guys caught yellowtail limits and made it look easy. The yellowtails were ignoring it, though still smacking the deck only a few feet away, courtesy of the pros.

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Timed right, the entire sandy streak drifted 10 to 20 feet off to your hook up jig head, whether starboard or port, leaving plenty of room for a hookup. Great around grass, wood and rocks, the Sure Hook Up Shaky Head is also outfitted with a recessed line-tie to help protect your knot from abrasions and a hardened plastic bait keeper holds your soft plastic trailer secure and locked into place as well.

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Solid hook, so I have been sticking them really well. Add To Wish List.

Raps around the Hooks as well. I think this is a great improvement on a popular style of fishing.

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They are hard to order right now, but well worth it. Haven't lost one yet.

One thing that can Happen. Really calm weather can be tougher. Today we do a lot more heavy sandballs and oats, along with chum.