Hook up kitchen sink How to Install the Plumbing for a Kitchen Sink

Hook up kitchen sink

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Fitting a double sink drain with a dishwasher attachment or other utility attachment can be even more confusing, but you can easily put the basic drain together.

Don't forget to turn the water back on once you have finished the drain water installation.

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Turn hot and cold water off while installing drain to be sure water does not accidentally turn on. Cut the pipe to length with a plastic-pipe cutter.

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Your new sink's box should include a template that shows you how large the countertop opening must be. Keep a bucket and towel handy to clean up the water that inevitably will spill from the pipes as you disconnect them. Measure and cut a length of brass drainpipe to extend horizontally from the second sink trap to the T-fitting hook up kitchen sink the first trap. Continue to 3 of 6 below.

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Loosen the fastener on the ABS pipe-metal sink drain connector and insert the brass pipe into it. Insert the top half of drain insert into the hole in the sink bowl.

Tools List for Installing the Plumbing for a Kitchen Sink

It is quite unfortunate to say that for many homeowners the sink is less significant. Confirm that the valves are off, then turn the water back on.

The continuous waste pipe is the piece that connects the two sides of the sink drain, and it should be installed next.

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A hook up kitchen sink should be four inches narrower than the cabinet to allow room for a mounting that doesn't require modifications of the cabinetry. Use a box knife to score along the sink to separate it from any caulking. Make sure you know which strainer goes to which hole.

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Reattach any clamps that hold the sink to the counter. Once this is done, you can then proceed to fitting the drain. If you have a garbage disposal, this measurement will between the sink strainer and the drain outlet on the disposal; if you have no disposal, just measure between the centers of the two drain openings. Best stainless steel sinks says: Carefully lift out the old sink.

Install New Strainers You could use the old strainers in a new sink's drain holes, but getting shiny new ones is usually part of getting a new sink.

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Make sure that the tubes are long enough to reach the stop valves, and that their ends are the right size to screw onto the valves. Turn off the water by turning off the shut-off valves under the sink, and opening up the faucet to relieve the water pressure.