Hook up ooma telo Setting up your Ooma Telo

Hook up ooma telo, what do i do if i want to put my ooma telo somewhere that’s not near my modem or router?

What do all these cables do?

Congratulations and welcome to the Ooma family! Your Telo will automatically connect to any saved wireless networks.

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Ooma has a day return policy for purchases made through our hook up ooma telo. For more information about getting started with your Ooma, you may want to review our article on the Ooma Telo basics.

What do I do if my computer is currently plugged directly into my modem?

When your Ooma device is offline and the Play and Fast forward buttons are turned on, it means that your Ooma Telo cannot detect a phone line connected the the system. After you set up the Wi-Fi adapter on a new network, your Ooma Telo will remember your settings. You have enabled the Call Forwarding feature, and all incoming calls are being redirected to another phone number.

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Verify that your Internet connection is functioning properly. If you have misplaced your Quick Start Guide or you prefer to follow along online, you can find the most recent version available for download here.

What is the Ooma Telo Wireless Adapter? How does it work?

Try taking a moment to review the advanced setup and setup troubleshooting sections of the Zoots online dating knowledgebase to see if your questions are addressed there. During the initial setup process, you will need your plug your computer into the Ethernet port of the Ooma Telo.

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In order to accomplish this, you may need to use a HomePlug setup in order to use your Ooma Telo. How does it work? Here are some of the most common reasons why your phone might not ring:.

How do I get everything hooked up?

Which wireless standards does the Ooma Telo Wireless Adapter support? My landline is still connected, but my house is wired for two phone lines If your home is wired for two phone lines and one of the lines is not in use, you may use the unused line to distribute your Ooma connection to all of the phone jacks in your house as shown in the diagram below.

Is there a trial period for Ooma?

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Do I need a computer to set up my wireless adapter? How do I get everything hooked up? Where do I buy the wireless adapter?