Hook up piano to garageband How to 'play' GarageBand

Hook up piano to garageband, ilife '11 for dummies

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To do that, launch GarageBand, and from the project chooser window select Keyboard Collection and click Choose. You can purchase a sustain pedal to go with the keyboard as well. To set things up, just string a USB cable between the keyboard and the Mac, switch on the keyboard if it's not powered by the USB connectionand you should be ready to go.

For a piano, this includes knobs for controlling low and high tones and reverb.

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An onscreen keyboard will appear. In that window select Learn to Play and then click the Piano Lesson tab. You have a few ways to play those instruments.

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A not-terribly-expensive MIDI keyboard can get you back to playing. More tracks, a few tweaks.

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The first track— Steinway Grand Piano —will be selected by hook up piano to garageband. Great tool for musicians sorry podcasters.


To play one of the other keyboard sounds, click on its name in the list of tracks. In our last lesson I told you that GarageBand has a collection of prerecorded loops and a Drummer track.

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But of course that ignored the practicalities of doing so. You can resize the keyboard by dragging on its edges or corners.

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Essentially, GarageBand turns your Mac into a music synthesizer—one capable of playing purely synthetic sounds as well as mimicking real instruments such as pianos, other keyboards, guitars, drums, basses, voices, and orchestral instruments. Chris has covered technology and media since the latter days of the Reagan Administration.

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For example, press A, D, and G to play a C major chord.

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Embedded in the application are software instruments.