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Related Posts Docker in a nutshell: If you use authentication, you can grab an API token from one of the users that can create builds.

Creating a Jenkins job

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Share to Twitter Share to Facebook. I wasn't able to get this to work, although someone else I know does this. Post as a guest Name.

Configure the GitHub repository

If you hit the notifyCommit endpoint and there are changes in the repository a build will be triggered. Hi, we are a handful of students and wanna have some fun with continuous deployment.

After I set it up like this, I was able to use the token as well as authentication to enable push-triggered builds from Bitbucket. Be sure that polling is on and schedule at some value, or this won't work. Now, it is possible to setup a Build Trigger to get Jenkins to poll for changes in a Git repository. Post as a guest Name. And best of it, you don't have to ad new hooks for new Jenkins projects. Since there are, it triggers the build! You can actually get this to work in Jenkins with the Bitbucket service, but it took some playing around to get it working.

In the next view, feel free to enter a description for your project. I don't know if this is a bug, or if I'm missing something. Author Jan and Marius. When you are able to hook up scm change notification to jenkins your local machine form outside it should work.

First of all, login to your Jenkins server.

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I created a separate account just for Bitbucket. I have our Jenkins instance set up to poll the repository every minute. The post-commit Git hook What we need is for Git to use curl to call the notifyCommit endpoint after a commit takes place.

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JohnBubriski I had the same issue Bitbucket hook didn't trigger the Jenkins build and I had a reverse proxy setup. If everything is correctly configured, the Jenkins service has got a green checkmark icon in the service overview and the build process has started. Why doesn't pushing a change to BitBucket cause Jenkins to initiate a build?

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Sign up or log in StackExchange. I set it up with the direct port and it worked fine.

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We require the polling configuration on the job so that we only trigger jobs that are supposed to be triggered from changes in the source tree. Add the following to the file:. Net 20 Architecture 1 ASP. Is that not frequent enough for your needs?