Hook up trickle charger motorcycle Tech Tip for Recharging Your Motorcycle Battery the Right Way

Hook up trickle charger motorcycle

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Small batteries, like the one in your motorcycle, do not take kindly to being discharged. If the battery gets no charge during extended periods, its level of charge decreases and that can cause a problem called sulfation. Also note that many types of chargers have circuitry built in to keep the charger from applying current to an object that is not a battery, so if a battery is really low on juice, a float or smart charger may not charge the battery.

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The solution inside a battery can even boil and melt battery cases in extreme circumstances. Charging at a higher amperage is faster, but more stressful for the battery and ultimately bad for its future longevity.

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The order is unimportant. In reality, we neglect our batteries. You probably knew this.

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A float charger essentially charges a battery in balance with its discharge rate to maintain a fully charged battery hook up trickle charger motorcycle over-charging or allowing it to drop below a certain voltage.

Left to progress long enough, it can destroy a battery making it incapable of taking a charge and unable to deliver any energy. Share 0 Join the Discussion. Fix the root cause, not just the symptom. Reinstall the battery and secure the hold-downs.

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For the best viewing experience please update your browser to Google Chrome. Thanks, I didn't think it would be a problem, but i thought I would ask. Check the charger periodically and unplug the leads when the battery is fully charged, if the charger does not self-regulate and switch to float mode.

Overcharging, should it happen, will nerd girl dating sites hydrogen sulfide, which is super-bad-for-you.

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One of the most common causes of premature battery death is leaving your motorcycle battery in a discharged state, or not charging the battery after use. On the left is a float charger, which has a circuit that monitors the battery's state of charge. You may hear a standard charger referred to also as a "dumb" charger, because they don't include an automatic desulfation mode.