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Hook up welder, introduction: how to stick weld! basic guide

Also, keep in mind that aluminum is poorly suited for this purpose, as it quickly forms an oxide that is poor conductor of welding current.

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A bar that is inadequate in cross section may result in an overheated connection and result in poor welding performance. When I did a class years ago, because I showed a real interest in learning, the instructor would often give me lbs or so of the rod we were working with and some extra scrap to take home for practice. Results 1 to 10 of In-depth understanding of the physics of the arc is of little value to the welder, but some knowledge of its general characteristics can be useful.

I ran a 50 amp hook up welder with wiring according to my electrician. It is an older plug with two angled prongs and one L shaped prong, which I understood to be neutral. It seems to me this open forum is a website to share experiences and opinions to help beginners and professionals alike. Wooo, man I'm off to a great start in this forum, first post and I started a flame war! Then, screw the DINSE plug on the opposite end of the cable into the socket marked with a "-" or the top one.

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The time now is This is one of the hooks up welder of Stick Welding, it's so simple! You don't have to pay much for a fixed-shade welding helmet, and they do fine. With this in mind, always unplug the input power cord or disconnect the main power before attempting to inspect or service electrical problems. I used this book when I first started welding, and still use it extensively today!

Originally Posted by ActionDave. For everyone's safety, always keep your cables in good condition. Troubleshooting Poor work lead connections may arc and weld the connection to the workpiece.

Next, Take your ground clamp and clamp it to your welding table or workpiece. I am not oppossed to constructive criticism.

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For what it is worth a P is a male plug for a cord. This will prevent interruptions of current in case one shoe loses contact by an unexpected surface protrusion, such as the reinforcement of another weld, a piece of weld spatter, or granular flux.

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This is what information I obtained when dealing with a project a year or so ago. If the entire cable is hot to touch, it is probably undersized for the welding current being used. Please rate, comment, like and subscribe, and as always, SubDude signing off. A point to bear in mind is that the work lead clamping hook up welder should be at least equal to the cross-sectional area of the conductor.

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Sorry if the description of my service was a little vague, to clarify, I have a amp main service panel in my home, off of that, the builder ran a amp sub-panel that most of my house wiring is connected to. If you use the wild leg your breaker needs rated at least volts.

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To be effective, the work lead must make good electrical contact with the workpiece. How to Stick Weld!

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Can I run a high leg circuit with a neutral and ground 3 wires or does it have to be volt 2 hots and a ground? Also,wearing a synthetic fiber clothing, like nylon, are NOT advised, as it can melt and fuse to your skin.