How do i unsubscribe from mtn dating tips [Tutorial] How to deactivate / unsubscribe from MTNPlay Services

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It has happened to me that time when they started deducting from three services during that time.

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Its time to take action against this unnecessary charges and deductions in your account by MTN as a result of subscribing to one or more of their services. It was so annoying to me when Mtn network started deducting my 50 weekly with their so call value added service called Mtn Play by the time i migrated from my previous package to mtn ipulse and i have been trying to find solution on how i can unsubscribe from mtn play service.

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In some cases you will find it difficult to deactivate certain service which will render you with no option than calling customer care or chat with them online Is there any service that you think we miss, let us heard you via below Source: How do I deactivate sahara reporters through sms', 'timestamp': Love hurts 26 August at I too was so annoy because i didn't apply for the package and more so i didn't like the package at all.

Mtn play is automatically activated once you migrate to mtn ipulse.

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The procedure is very simple to cancel or unsubscribe from mtn play and you will be free from deducting your money. Anonymous 17 March at It worked for me too', 'timestamp': Once you get to the service you are subscribing to press the number in front.

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You will be able to cancel any subscription of MTNPlay', 'timestamp': Blogger 7 August at Well, on the other hand i can blame the subscribers by opting into these services and further complaining about it that much which is why i decided to provide a comprehensive details and codes to use in stopping this relevant services. Unknown 8 June at I know many subscribers that dumb their MTN lines because of these unnecessary deduction in there account which consequently lead them to change or get rid of the line.

Now am going to list out some relevant available codes to unsubscribe from this services which one way or the other you might be involved. Okunola Ifafemi 26 August at Wednesday, 01 November at