How do you say hook up in spanish Make out or hook up in Spanish?

How do you say hook up in spanish

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But notice how the following phrase has the same Spanish translation even though the meaning in English is different:. Notice how the Spanish translation is the same for both the above phrases?

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This causes problems and creates confusion if the two get mixed up. Quiero llegar a conocerla.

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I wanted to say good-bye to you. For context you can just add something to the phrase: You look like Shakira. You look like your friend. Since conocer is also used for both meeting or knowing someone the way to clarify that is using conocer with llegar to arrive:.

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Es mejor para los dos. I knew her for three years.

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You use the a to connect the two people that are being compared to each other. Last night I saw someone that looks like you. That conjugation of conocer is also handy for phrases like this:. Since encontrarse is an ar verb when you use it in the first person plural form we, us it conjugates the same for the present or the preterite: Nos encontramos en el parque la semana pasada.

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I want to meet her. Take this phrase as an example: When it comes down to talking about people use parecer for general descriptions ex: I want to know you better.

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She always leaves without saying good-bye. The Spanish verb for both meeting someone for the first time and knowing someone is conocer.

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