How does dating anniversaries work Do You Celebrate a “Dating Anniversary”?

How does dating anniversaries work

As much as I say I hate it, I still do it without realizing.

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It's not just dating folk who face this problem. Firestar August 25,2: And if so, how do you decide on a date?

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Snoopy August 25,6: I chose to ignore them both and try to remember the month. It's nice because it gives a lot of flexibility in what and where we can celebrate, rather than, "oh crap, here comes that anniversary on the xth, time to call the florist.

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Now we just celebrate annually. I picked our first date; she picked the date when we agreed to be exclusive. Maybe we should just start celebrating that?

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That paragraph there's probably the one I'd count. Well, we decided to just get married on our anniversary date. And now we have 2 wedding anniversaries plus our date we got together anniversary.

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At the end of the night he snuck a goodbye kiss, and the rest is history. My wife says it's our first date.

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We could have gone with our first day hanging out again, the first kiss, and how does dating anniversaries work we decided to be official. Partially because we were FWB before, and partially because neither of us are that big into celebrating the year markers.

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Miel August 25,2: But that's probably just me. Actually, I hope we always enjoy that kind of stuff, but I know how life can sometimes get in the way of our best intentions.

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We try to work on it every day.