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How does ranked 5s matchmaking work, getting started

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I always faced players far better than me so I learned super fast. I'm part of a ranked 5s team and the thing is, you can play ranked 5s even if you're not ranked in soloq not kidding.

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Does how does ranked 5s matchmaking work else factor in? I dont even want to get teams that have Bronze-Silver guys - all I want is a Opponent that is even in skill or atleast close to even. What can I learn? Create a Discussion jQuery '.

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All of my soloqueue games had Silver and low Gold players. Create a Discussion jQuery '.

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This is not a Board for gameplay bugs, please head on over to [Report a Bug] http: You learn most when you lose and evaluate what you could have done better and what they did better than you. It's really unfair to everyone else if you can just get high ranked in Solo Q and just because you create a team are suddenly ranked as high ELO in that as well.

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There are 3 types of priority: The first time we played ranked 5s me being unranked and the rest of the guys being mid-high silver we got matched with 3 plat and 2 diamond elo players. Your username is how other community members will see you. You can select up to 3 regions.

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Log in or sign up in seconds. About Dota 2 Wiki Disclaimers Mobile view. Retrieved from " https: We ended up being put into Bronze 4 with 3 out of 5 wins. Okay so then would losing to a team that's a lot higher in division mean a loss of less LP? Offensive Spam Harassment Incorrect Board. Here are some available suggestions. Since being placed in Bronze 4, our team has been playing against ranked 5's that are an entire tier above us.

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Ranked matches track and display two visible matchmaking ratings, one for solo queue, and one for parties. Check out some communities and we recommend you subscribe to at least 5. Lol Matchmaking 5s Ranked Flex queue is causing matchmaking problems, players still. Facechecking the brush is dangerous, and so is facechecking the web.