How long to wait for reply online dating How long should you wait for a reply?

How long to wait for reply online dating

I have to agree with Cowboys statement "For gawds sakes man even when someone does reply you are probably only going to actually MEET a handful of those per 50 replies most likely.

For the ones that you get a phone number, a percentage will accept the first meet then chicken out on you. Now free to communicate Mouse match dating a: Sometimes it's just "I have this computer with internet access in front of me and I'm bored, so I guess I'll go to one of my default sites. Sadly, I had to tell her to say good-bye to these opportunities because the men most likely moved on, thinking she wasn't interested.

If you usually let things marinate, do that. Also how long to wait for reply online dating getting to the point and asking me out rather than stringing it along for a million rounds. I mean really, even the president finds time for his wife and kids. As for juggling 2 or 3 pen pals, I don't see the harm in that either: OMG you have got to be joking.

If you want a loving relationship, your dating life requires nurturing. My name is Sondre and I'm an obsessive guy. Otherwise, everything you're saying sounds good.

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She hasn't written back. I recommend that you set an intention to respond to the men who contact you, within 24 hours or sooner. If someone appeals to them, they may spend even more time planning out their response. And then, what if you went out on a date and said what you actually thought and felt about things?! I also don't set any stock in how quickly or slowly anyone replies to my messages. If it's the latter, she might still intentionally log in for any number of reasons that have nothing to do with you.

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I would like to add at this point that she's not going to pick up the phone or e-mail you and say "Thanks for the lovely flyer but I don't think I want your product" so don't be expecting a polite decline most of the time. Most guys have experienced something like this; you met a girl at a party and added her on Facebook, or you started saying hello to a girl at school, but time passed, nothing more happened and things became weird.

I sometimes feel overwhelmed when people respond too quickly. Don't sweat it, there are more of them out there. I don't want to overwhelm people.

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If a woman is interested she will of replied right away. If she happens to reply at a later date, then great, if not oh well move on.

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Share Tweet Stumble Digg Email. Select One man woman. Especially on a free site like OKcupid where you have nothing to lose by being a very casual user.

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But even though time and the number of messages you've exchanged are important factors in building the trust the girl needs to meet you, you still shouldn't wait too long. Did Carol respond to these men?

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I just figured you happened to be online when you get the message. Your maximum window to text back is 24 hours. Select One woman man. I usually read messages right away. Must be at least 5 characters.