How to tell your parents you are dating an older man Help: What If My Daughter Dated An Older Man?

How to tell your parents you are dating an older man

Tell your parents and any other folks about you think is compatible and everything you mentioned here.

Yes, he might have sex with you and then bail. I have another suggestion.

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Would I be this freaked out if one of my sons was dating an older woman? I was starting to melt down. It's probably not going to last. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.

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Then ask him to meet them. But mostly, it's the fact that he's your first. Let your parents know why you feel this relationship should move from platonic to romantic.

You shouldn't fear other people's reaction if you're confident in your choice.

I remember telling my parents that I was dating a guy who was like three years older than me and they freaked out. Communicate with your potential boyfriend about your overprotective parents and how this possibly could be problematic.

Maybe you're sure that you won't be dramatic about it, like "other girls. I'd also suggest waiting a it longer and see ho it works out. The less your potential boyfriend negatively interferes in your relationship with your parents, the more likely your parents will be convinced to let you have a relationship with him.

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Answer Questions Should I leave my girlfriend? But it's not healthy for a young person to have to mature quicker then average which is what you are showing with the 25 who are as mature as a 40 year old.

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It's great how you guys are on the same emotional level, right! Please keep the age of consent in mind before beginning a relationship with an older guy. It was only a few years ago that she was still considered a child Wise Advice From New Friends.

There's probably a reason no woman his age wants to date him. And then Liam Neeson.

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Originally Posted by Teslacoil Plus the borderline pedophelia. However, if they just know "Joe, the really nice guy Melita's been dating" they're not going to look at it as an age thing, just that you're happy with him. I am smart and my husband is less smart. So there I was on the losing end of an argument with her — again. Speak as clearly as you can about how you want to date a guy older than you. But the one thing im really really worried about is telling my parents about it.

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Mentally, I get it — two people are in love, what difference should it make? Switch to Hybrid Mode. There are ways to convince your parents to let you date an older guy without lying or sneaking around. People will not go out of their way to give you what you want, so don't waste your parents time by complaining to them about every little thing that has not gone your way.

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A yr old guy is unlikely mature enough for you. How to tell your parents you're dating an older man? Tell your parents though, and if you decide to date him, best of luck to you.