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Once alone, Chris confesses that normally romances in Hollywood can seem, well, "all acting," but with your character it feels like the real deal. Is there anything Professor Hunt can't do? He shows off his agent talents and you show him your Whack-A-Mole talent whether good or badbefore you have an awkward encounter with famous Action Hero Zoe Rodriguezwho flirts with Ethan.

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These reasons are revealed on his third date with the player in Amour and are subtly touched upon throughout the game by members of the faculty. There is currently one date available with Crash. The nickname has stuck with him, so everyone from his hometown still calls him that.

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This date is available immediately upon unlocking Amour. She is rumoured to be even more strict than he is but unlike Professor Hunt, she genuinely dislikes the students at Hollywood U and believes that Professor Hunt is "too soft" on them.

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Before becoming a big name, he lived on a farm in Missouri. All of Lisa's decisions were made for her, prior her wish to 'change her look' and thusly making your music videos, and that is also why when she stands up and speaks back to her mother, Carlotta Valentineshe is appalled.

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Wikia is a free-to-use site that makes money from advertising. In this date, the standing of both your character and Hunt at the university are in question after word starts to spread about your relationship. This is a premium date available for diamonds after completion of The Engagement. This is a premium date available for diamonds after completion of French Kiss.

Christopher "Chris" Winters appears very early on in the game when your main character attends a nightclub shortly after joining Hollywood U in the quest " Ready, Set, Pitch!

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He was ranked 33 of Starlet Magazine's annual Sexy The dating feature is still new and lacking content. Addison takes you to a fashion fair that showcases styles from all over the world. Rising Stars question for Android and get answers from real gamers or answer questions and share your insights and experience with the rest of the gaming how to unlock dating in hollywood u.

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They dated in the past and Hunt describes Marianne Delacroix in his diary as the perfect woman. Jaybird I have been playing the game a while and have not been able to date.

This is a premium date available for diamonds after completion of London Calling.

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This is a premium date available for diamonds after completing Consequences. Rising Stars - Gameplay Video Added on: She is younger than Thomas but has a similar personality in that war thunder matchmaking arcade can be unfriendly or rude to people before she knows them. Lisa finds Ilyria annoying upon meeting her but soon came to terms with her older step-sister and even became protective of Ilyria from Carlotta, who was trying to use her to gain more money and fame.

This is a premium date available for diamonds after completing Dinner Party. In the Awards Show quest, it is described that he has deep blue eyes even though they appear brown. This is a premium date that is available for 50 diamonds.

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Rory I'm dating Chris winters and I'm at level five Posted on: In this date, Bianca blackmails Hunt and your character to do her bidding or she'll expose your relationship to the school.