Hummel figurine dating Hummel Marks

Hummel figurine dating

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Hummel Figurine "Private Conversation" Dtd. When both are used on the same piece it is known as a "double crown" mark. The information in this article is a concise documentation of all W.

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Hummel figurine will have a Goebel stamp on its underside. Issued both in series and annual special issue pieces, Hummel plates quickly caught on with collectors and have become an integral part of many Hummel collections.

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Other Goebel products will bear a different mark than that used on Hummel pieces. Oap speed dating the end of World War II the United States hummel figurine dating Goebel to export figurines hummel figurine dating had previously been prohibited for exportation. Hummel Goebel Merry Wanderer Figurine The year of production will be on the base next to the initials of the chief decorator.

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They radically changed the trademark, instituting the use of a bee flying high with a "V". The "wide-crown-WG" trademark was used on the first M.

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With this change the company began to add the artist's mark and date of completion. These marks were used on all Goebel porcelain pieces, not just Hummel.

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The mark illustrated here is for exclusive use on Goebel products made from the paintings and drawings of M. Not all Goebel products are Hummels, but Goebel makes all Hummels. Hummel means bumble bee in German and the V stands for Verkaufsgesellschaft or distribution company. It is TMK 7, molded inand released in Below is a recent example of a recently released Hummelscape.

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Return to Home page. Hummel Friendship in Bloom Hummelscape.

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From to the mark was changed to the last and final mark to include the now famous bee. It can be found incised, stamped in black or stamped in blue, in that order. The mark was used until about mid, when they began to phase it out, completing the transition to the new trademark in From to the V as well as the bee were removed from the design.

These figurines were marked in various related ways: The earliest figurines had this incised on the underside of the base, with the letters W G, which stood for William Goebelone of the founders of the company intertwined beneath it.

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