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Because the hot woman can date that and chooses too…Why would she date below her league? I'm not going to debate you with this, it tends to simply lead nowhere, but I've had girls "under my league" find me unattractive and girls "above my league" see me as a god and every mix of the two.

We had a few intense makeout sessions in my car afterwards and she began saying things like 'i really do like you'. Chances are, men always have to deal with competition.

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If you you want to bang her, tell her you want to bang her. Please enter your comment!

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Tall, thin, great face, amazing hair, the whole deal. Whether she knows she's beautiful or not, she's probably had lots of guys tell her already, and may feel like that's all she's wanted for.

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Men who are free to design their life the way they want it, not the typical guy behavior dating it was handed to them.

Then the other kids in class, en masse, began telling her to stay away from me. It just goes to show, you never know. I promised and haven't ever hurt her cause we are still happily together and should be moving in together soon: Cause she told you? She helped with all of it.

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We are a resource for YOU. At first, I thought people who were ridiculously attractive were out of my league. Throw out the self doubt and believe. To expound further, to keep it from sounding like an interview, answer the questions you ask. I have a good decent job, take care of myself but do not really care about fashion, or what is the latest trend. And she messaged me back. I'd rather date a jersey shore look-alike" Share Share this post on Digg Del.

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Remember that, and be yourself. Are you going to have kids with her, who knows but just be yourself and you'll have a fun time.

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For this assume you can rank how attracted you are to a woman on a scale, which is obviously a massive oversimplification of attraction but it's necessary for this exercise. The beautiful part of an esteemed social standing amongst peers is that it can make someone who you thought was repulsive seem like the nicest, cutest guy around.

Your i am dating a girl out of my league is so wrong Kevin.

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Oh yeah, one night I was out and a pound guy was with a prettier chick than I have dated. This already happens all the time when I am just hanging out with an attractive female friend in public.

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I would never have a chance, so I move on with my life. A lot of people do that, especially when they're not that confident.