I lied about my age on a dating site Is lying about age OK to do online?

I lied about my age on a dating site

I recently answered a question from a reader in my Jdate.

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Having said that, the first thing that came to my mind is that the age is the red herring for why you are not getting hits. She was "41" and I was If I found out a woman lied about her age, I would start to question other things she has told me. I think I'm just really shitty at picking out men.

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I do think you'd be better off meeting guys in real life, rather than online. Psychology Many men believe that women grow jaded, tough, cynical, and uptight as they age.

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Thank god I have someone. This post gets to my biggest problem with online dating…that dishonesty is supposed to be an dating site for depression uk part of the system.

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I think maybe the compromise is not to send full-blown "hello" messages to men you're interested in, but to just wink and see if they take the hint. All of your single guy friends seriously wouldn't date someone their own age?

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I'm sorry you're having a struggle with this - I don't think this is a solution, however, fiddling with your age. When it comes to your profile on Stitch, we leave it to you to decide you what to include.

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You want someone who is attracted to who you really are. A thousand times yes. Matchmaker Rebecca Cooper Traynor.

I don't think it's awful of you to want to; I just don't think it can possibly end i lied about my age on a dating site for anything except short-term flings. And I know that it's pretty trite but I do think it's true that you wouldn't want to date someone who wouldn't like you if he knew your real age.

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How about adding eHarmony to the mix too, as they will match you to men in your age range looking for a relationship with women in your age range?

If someone rules you out based on characteristics that you can't change, you guys are not going to be a good match.

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Evan [and Margaret 8], I thought about responding to this comment, too. Your first paragraph makes no sense to me. And someone who won't even look at a woman his own age because he's entitleddammit, to someone younger, is not a man you want.

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I would have thought 35 was more likely to be that arbitrary line, but that's just an assumption. One date you may meet a guy whom you're really into at a party, only to find that one of his best friends at the party is somebody you went on a date with - and you'll find yourself sabotaged from the start.

Do not provide your home address or home phone number.

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Men are often pretty shallow and cut women off early.