Im 28 dating a 19 year old Would a 19-year-old dating a 28-year-old be odd?

Im 28 dating a 19 year old, about the competition

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What tastes are there that you expect to share with somebody closer to your age, just because they are that age? This forum is supported by: Is saying 'hey guys' sexist?

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We had been texting for about 2 weeks before we met in person. I am 2 months out of an month relationship.

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The tastes in almost everything would be far too different. Save your draft before refreshing this page. In time everybody would probably get ok with it, but it'd still be something to make me pause.

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I work with young people like Just want to known my chances and any tips on how to get older guys. AmyRoseReal picked No, I don't think so, if they really care about each other Interested in Life Alert? Originally Posted by Simple Linctus You can also drink from five years old if your parents give it to you.

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The half your age plus 7 is the best rule I've heard about this. But she definitely had a high school vibe about her. Ask yourself what reasons a guy could have for wanting to date someone so much younger and less experienced than him.

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This page may be out of date. Anecdotally my experience doesn't agree with that, but it can probably also depend on where you're from.

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Would you find this weird? What are you after exactly?

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You're both above of legal age and I should hope, have a certain level of maturity. He was also scared I would leave for younger man.

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You can't help who you fall for. I'll just add that I know a year-old woman who is in a happy relationship with a year-old man. But when you don't have all of that life experience, what else do you have?