Im 30 dating a 50 year old 30 Is the New 50: Old Age is Killing My Dating Life

Im 30 dating a 50 year old

He wants to get intimate.

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Kristina April 16,2: Do I need as much attention as they do? Ask him one simple question: Login or Sign Up. I've dated much older women.

I just want to say that I grew up knowing 2 grandmas, 1 step-grandma, and my pop-pop and they were a wonderful part of my life.

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Its like having siblings because we live very close to each other, and they attend the same school. But now, think seriously… Do you really want to deal with both a 70 year old and a high school graduate at the same time?

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Had he not had a problem with it, we might still be together. Luckily I received a lot of merit based scholarships and my parents helped me out but if they had chosen not to I would have walked away with a lot more debit thru no fault of my own. Have you spent any time with his friends who are also in their fifties, maybe some in the sixties?

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If he smokes, is not very healthy or energetic or if he is debt ridden, then you are taking a risk. I had a im 30 dating a 50 year old who had a much younger wife around a 30 year differenceeverything was fine until the guy had a stroke, wound up in a wheelchair, almost completely dependent. You say you are long distance, how well do you really know him after 6 months? I tend to agree with you. It's like I feel that he may wake up and want more one day, idk.

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Now I thank her from bringing my dad back to the living. My aunt and uncle took on the raising of their grandchild in the late 60s and it is hard for them.

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And his parents were no indication of his lifespan: Dance studios dont work for me - tried. Zach Thursday, May 17th, I said incomprehensible not grammatically incorrect.

I am 28 Dating a 50 year old

I recently started dating a year-old man. I love her deeply and she loves me deeply.

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This happens to me a lot. My insecurities lie with what others will think, say and do. It is all about how one takes care of oneself and their lifestyle.